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eResearch for pharmaceuticals and medical technology

Research needs innovation. Because innovation leads studies to sustainable success.


Planning and implementation of national and international research projects on prevention, diagnostics, therapy and rehabilitation of cardiovascular diseases and associated comorbidities. 

Proof-of-Concept / Pilot-Trial / Feasibility Studies
Design and implementation of pilot studies for your medical device or drug.

Health services research
Design and implementation of data collection studies for patients in outpatient treatment.

Multicentre research studies
Planning and implementation of multicentre clinical-scientific studies. Review by the ethics committee. Data collection and analysis.

Health Economic Outcome Research (HEOR)
With HEOR, we support life science companies in demonstrating the value of a drug or intervention to health care decision-makers.

Literature analysis of evidence-based studies for your research question.

Artificial Intelligence Studies / Clinical Decision Support
Consulting, planning and implementation of AI-based research.


Point of Care Testing (POCT)
Implementation and statistical evaluation of point of care testing procedures

Clinical Case Databases
Creation of a clinical case database from various medical disciplines in order to learn from each other, discuss complex cases together, share experiences and learn from mistakes.

Patient Centric Evaluation
The creation and evaluation of a survey for specific patient-relevant topics (e.g. duration of waiting times, friendliness of hospital or practice staff, "feel-good atmosphere" in the hospital, etc.).

Patient satisfaction
Conducting and evaluating a survey on patient satisfaction (satisfaction of patients with the services they received)

Handling of medical devices
Creating an overview with best practices for handling various medical devices (incl. FAQ) in order to communicate/ensure uncomplicated handling of the respective devices.

Research projects with eHCN

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  • Enthusiasm for clinical research for more than 15 years
  • Maximum flexibility through the use of the latest technologies
  • Always GCP-compliant for highest safety and quality